Embryonic development - Weeks 5 to 8


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Description: • The second month of development is characterized by rapid development of the head and limbs as well as continued organogenesis. • During the fifth and sixth weeks growth of the brain, and therefore head, is rapid. • Hands and feets begin to form. • During week seven, even more development of upper and lower limbs occurs. • Individual digits begin to form. • By the end of week eight: • Limbs are complete. • Digits are separate. • The tail disappears. • The eyes are open. • The external genitalia are beginning to differentiate. • Blood cells start to form in the liver. • Bone ossification starts. • The end of week eight marks the end of embryonic development. • The embryo is less than an inch in size. • It now has some distinctly human characteristics. • It is now called a fetus.



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