Hormonal regulation of pregnancy - weeks 2 through 38


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Description: Weeks 2 through 16 • During the first few months of pregnancy, estrogen and progesterone are secreted primarily by the corpus luteum. • These hormones act to maintain nutritional support for the embryo and fetus. • hCG production increases, peaking at 8 weeks. • hCG triggers the corpus luteum to produce ever-increasing levels of estrogen and progesterone. • By the ninth week, the placenta is the primary source of estrogen and progesterone. • After the fourth month, levels of hCG decrease significantly and stay at a low level. • Following the fourth month, rising levels of placental estrogen and progesterone are sufficient to maintain the pregnancy. Weeks 17 through 38 (hormone list) The placenta is now the primary source of the pregnancy hormones. These hormones include: 1. Estrogen. 2. Progesterone. 3. Relaxin. 4. Human chorionic somatomarnmotropin. 5. Corticotropin releasing hormone.



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