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Cleavage and Implantation Animation

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Uterine (menstrual) cycle - phases

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• The uterus goes through a cyclical developmental pattern to be ready for implantation and support of an embryo. • The uterine, or menstrual, cycle is under the control of ovarian horrnones. • The uterine cycle also has three phases: • Menstrual phase • Proliferative phase ...

Embryonic development - week 1 and 2

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The first through eighth weeks after fertilization are called the embryonic. Week 1 • Within a day, the zygote begins mitotic cell division (cleavage) forming blastomeres. By the 4th day, the blastomeres have formed a solid ball called a morula. • The morula enters uterine cavity ar...

Introduction to Photolithography - WC, BLF, PA, Hard and Soft baking

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Prior to use, wafers are chemically cleaned to remove particulate matter on the surface as well as any traces of organic, ionic, and metallic impurities. Barrier Layer Formation After cleaning, the silicon wafer is covered with the material which will serve as a barrier layer. The most commo...

Nucleic acid digestion - brush border enzymes, end products & transport mechanism

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• Further digestion occurs at the microvilli (brush border) of the epithelial cells of the villi in the small intestine. • Two brush border enzymes complete nucleic acid digestion: • Phosphatases, which catalyze the cleavage of a phosphate to form a nucleoside (nitrogenous base and pent...

Double Stranded DNA Molecule Animation

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Double Stranded DNA Molecule Animation

Introduction to Body Systems Animation

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Systems: A group of different organs functioning together for a common purpose.

Leg Movement Animation

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This animation shows a list of muscles found in the leg used for movement

Summary of female reproductive cycle days 1-28

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■ The first five days of the cycle include the menstrual phase. ■ Progesterone and estrogen levels are low. ■ Menses occurs. ■ GnRH pulses more frequently promoting FSH and LH levels to rise. ■ Primary follicles are stimulated to develop. ■ Days five through thirteen consist o...