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How does asthma work?And How do you treat asthma?

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These are the parts of the respiratory system. Sinuses and Nasal Passages Mouth Windpipe (Trachea) Lungs Airways (Bronchial Tubes) Airsacs (Alveoli) When we breathe, air moves easily in and out of the lungs. The small airways are also called bronchial tubes. The side of the tube is...

Respiratory System Animation

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Respiratory system: nose pharynx larynx trachea bronchi lungs Respiratory system’s primary function: Furnish oxygen (O2) for use by individual tissue cells and take away their gaseous waste product, carbon dioxide (CO2), through act of respiration. External respiration Lungs are vent...

Labor and Delivery - Infant Cord Apgar

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As soon as your baby is born, a delivery nurse will set one timer for one minute and another for five minutes. When each of these time periods is up, a nurse or physician will give your baby her first "tests," called Apgars. This scoring system (named after its creator, Virginia Apgar) helps t...