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Monohybrid crosses

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A monohybrid cross is a cross between two parents that breed true for different versions of a single trait. In this example, that trait is flower color. The allele that specifies purple flowers is dominant over the allele that specifies white flowers. The purple-flowered plant has two domin...

X chromosome inactivation in calico cats

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X chromosome inactivation causes a mosaic tissue effect in calico cats. what makes this female calico cat "calico." Like all mammals, this cat began her life as a single cell. That cell had two X chromosomes, one from each parent. One of the chromosomes carried a dominant allele for the ...

How to find out if a population is evolving?

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Imagine a butterfly population with a pair of alleles that influence wing color as shown. We will represent the frequency of the dominant allele as p and the recessive allele as q. The Hardy-Weinberg rule describes what happens if a population is at genetic equilibrium—if it is not evolving...

Mendel's Principles of Dominance, Segregation and Independent Assortment

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Mendel selected true-breeding parents with contrasting traits, for example, purple and white flower color, and performed reciprocal crosses by choosing pollen from one parent and hand pollinating the seed-forming parent with this pollen. A cross-fertilization resulted from this procedure. In t...

Phases of the ovarian cycle

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• The ovarian cycle is a monthly sequence of events, consisting of three phases: • Preovulatory • Ovulatory • Post ovulatory Preovulatory phase • prior to ovulation: Primary follicles develop into secondary follicles. • Follicular cells surrounding the primary oocyte In...

Regulation of GFR: autoregulation via tubuloglomerular feedback, neural & hormonal regulation

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• When blood pressure is above normal, rapid filtrate flow reduces ion retention so filtrate in tubule has more Na+, C1-, and water. • It is believed that vasoconstricting chemicals from the juxtaglomerular cells are released when the macula densa cells detect higher water and ion levels in ...

Mendel's Pea Experiment

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Sugar snap peas were common garden plants during Mendel's lifetime and many varieties undoubtedly grew in the abbey gardens. An avid gardener. this is where Mendel first made observations about pea plants. He noticed that certain characteristics of peas were passed from generation to generation. ...