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Male Pelvis Animation

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The male pelvis is shaped like a funnel, forming a narrower outlet than the female. The bones are generally thick and heavy and more suited for lifting and running.

Egg and Sperm Formations in Animals Animation

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Inside the ovaries of a female animal are diploid germ cells called oogonia. An oogonium grows to become a primary oocyte. This large cell is still diploid. Meiosis I followed by unequal cytoplasmic division produces one large secondary oocyte and a smaller polar body. Both are haploid. ...

Male Reproductive System - Testosterone

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• Under the influence of FSH and testosterone, Sertoli cells produce androgen-binding protein (ABP) that binds to testosterone and maintains high levels of the hormone near spermatogenic cells. • Testosterone stimulates the final stages of spermatogenesis. • In addition, testosterone is...

Male Reproductive System - The gonadotropin releasing hormone

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• Hormonal mechanisms that influence male reproductive function involve endocrine tissues contained in the: • Hypothalamus of the brain. • Anterior pituitary. • Testes. • In the hypothalamus, certain neurosecretory cells secrete gonadotropin- releasing hormone (GnRH). • GnRH ...

Endocrine System Animation

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Vital function of endocrine system: Production and regulation of chemical substances called hormones. Hormones Chemical transmitters released in small amounts and transported via bloodstream to a target organ or other cells. Transfer information and instructions from one set of cells to anot...

Spermatogenesis Animation

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Spermatogenesis is the process by which haploid spermatozoa develop from germ cells in the seminiferous tubules of the testis. This process starts with the mitotic division of the stem cells located close to the basement membrane of the tubules. These cells are called spermatogonial stem cells. T...

A Human Karyotype Preparation Animation

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Blood is collected from the person being analyzed. The blood is added to a growth medium that also contains a chemical that stimulates mitosis. The cells are allowed to grow in this medium for two or three days at body temperature. Colchicine is added to arrest cell division at metaphase. T...

Gastrulation: cross section of the frog

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Gastrulation Most animals enter a phase early in development called gastrulation. In this phase, a tiny ball or disc of cells rearranges to form three embryonic layers of tissue, called germ layers. The germ layers of the embryo—now called a gastrula—are called the endoderm, mesoderm, and eco...

Female Pelvis Animation

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The female pelvis is shaped like a basin; can be oval to round, and is wider than the male pelvis. Designed to accommodate the average fetus during pregnancy and to facilitate its downward passage through the birth canal during childbirth.