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Generalized life cycles for plants and animals Animation

By: HWC, Views: 184

But the life cycles of plants and animals differ in their details. In animals, a multicelled diploid stage gives rise to single-celled haploid gametes, the eggs and sperm. These gametes combine at fertilization to form a diploid zygote, which grows and develops into a new multicelled animal...

Genetic distance between human groups

By: HWC, Views: 3455

One proposed family tree for modern humans. This family tree is based on nucleic-add hybridization studies of many genes and immuno-logical comparisons. Branch points show presumed genetic divergences. This data indicates that the greatest genetic distance separates humans native to Afri...

Primate Evolutionary Tree Animation

By: HWC, Views: 2688

Presumed evolutionary branchings in the primate family tree. The first primates arose between 85 and 65 million years ago. The common ancestor of apes and hominids branched off from Old World monkeys about 23 million years ago. The hominid lineage, which includes humans and earlier humanlik...

Evolutionary tree of life Animation

By: HWC, Views: 180

An evolutionary tree of life that reflects mainstream thinking about the connections among major lineages (bya = billions of years ago, mya = millions of years ago). By about 3.8 billion years ago, chemical and molecular evolution had produced the first living cells. The first major divergenc...

Global warming and its effect on climate change

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Global warming, habitat destruction, and pollution are all hot topics in the news. Environmentalists are concerned that many of these factors will lead to the loss of species. But how will this happen? One way to think about the environment is as a finely-tuned, high performance engine. If one...

Darwin's Observation (Fossils, Galapagos Islands & Africa ) and Natural Selection (Adaptive Traits)

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Along Darwin's voyage, he made many observations. Each one added to his understanding of how organisms change over time. Darwin was already familiar with fossils and knew that many fossils were very different from living organisms. But, also there were some fossils that were very similar to li...

Photosynthesis and Van Helmont Experiment

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All energy on Earth comes from a star, the Sun. Light must travel 160 million kilometers to reach Earth where plants capture this light energy and convert it to chemical energy in the form of sugars. This biochemical process is called PHOTOSYNTHESIS. The summary equation for photosynthesis is ...

Dendrite Animation

By: Administrator, Views: 9938

Dendrites (from Greek δένδρον déndron, "tree"), also dendrons, are branched protoplasmic extensions of a nerve cell that propagate the electrochemical stimulation received from other neural cells to the cell body, or soma, of the neuron from which the dendrites project. Electrical stimula...

Interpreting a cladogram Animation

By: HWC, Views: 187

Using a cladogram to determine relative relatedness and whether the lungfish is more closely related to a human or to a trout. To determine the relative relatedness, we begin by tracing the branches from the human and the lungfish to the point where they meet. We'll call this node 1. Now...