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Transferring genes into plants Animation

By: HWC, Views: 2802

Researchers extract DNA from an organism that has a trait they want to introduce into a plant. The genetic donor can be a bacterial cell, a plant cell. or even an animal cell. The desired gene will be transferred into a plasmid, a small circle of bacterial DNA. The gene is cut out of th...

How antibiotics works? 💊

By: HWC, Views: 5187

The Crisis in Antibiotic Resistance More than 70 years ago, Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin. A few decades later, when this antibiotic was used in World War II, Fleming's discovery had revolutionized medicine. No longer did people have to die from something as trivial as an infected cut.Y...

How to make cDNA Animation

By: HWC, Views: 75

This animation shows how an mRNA transcript can be used to make a cDNA strand.