Bone processes - resorption and deposition, remodeling and response to stress in adult bones




• The process of remodeling bone tissues involves bone cells resorbing or depositing minerals into bone tissue. • During resorption, bone cells break down bone tissue and release calcium and other minerals for use by other cells in the body. • Bone cells also rebuild bone tissue by depositing minerals obtained from the bloodstream. • Bones are dynamic organs. • Bone tissues engage in a continuous process of building, breaking down and rebuilding, depending on the body's need. Bone processes - remodeling Remodeling: • Renews bone tissue before it deteriorates. • Occurs at different rates throughout the skeleton. • Begins early in development and continues throughout life. Bone processes - response to stress in adult bones • Bone remodeling redistributes bone tissue along lines of mechanical stress • Under slight stress, bone tissues will be resorbed. • Under heavy Stress, bone mass increases.



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