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Anatomic: Body erect, head facing forward, arms by the sides with palms to the front; used as a standard anatomical position of reference Dorsal recumbent: On back with lower extremities flexed and rotated outward; used in application of obstetric forceps, vaginal and rectal examination, and bimanual palpation Fowler's: Head of the bed or examining table is raised about 18 inches or 46 cm; patient sitting up with knees also elevated Knee-chest: On knees, thighs upright, head and upper part of chest resting on bed or examining table, arms crossed and above head; used in sigmoidoscopy, displacement of prolapsed uterus, rectal exams, and flushing of intestinal canal Lithotomy: On back with lower extremities flexed and feet placed in stirrups; used in vaginal examination, Pap smear, vaginal operations, and diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the urethra and bladder. Orthopneic: Sitting upright or erect; used for patients with dyspnea, shortness of breath (SOB) Prone: Lying face downward; used in examination of the back, injections, and massage Sims': Lying on left side, right knee and thigh flexed well up above left leg that is slightly flexed, left arm behind the body, and right arm forward, flexed at elbow; used in examination of rectum, sigmoidoscopy, enema, and intrauterine irrigation after labor Supine: Lying flat on back with face upward and arms at the sides; used in examining the head, neck, chest, abdomen, and extremities and in assessing vital signs Trendelenburg: Body supine on a bed or examining table that is tilted at about a 45 angle with the head lower than the feet; used to displace abdominal organs during surgery and in treating cardiovascular shock; also called the shock position


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