Brief Summary on Photosynthesis - Animation




Can increase its weight by 150 pounds as it grows. Where does the new tissue come from? From the soil? From water? Or possibly from the air? The amazing truth is that new material. comes from an invisible gas in the air. In the process of photosynthesis, plants capture carbon dioxide gas from the air, energy from sunlight, and water and small amounts of chemicals usually found in soil. From these inputs, plants produce sugars and other organic matter that are used to make plants structures such as leaves, roots, stems, flowers, fruits, and seeds. The planets also give off oxygen, a by product that happens to make all animal life possible. Photosynthesis is best understood as two separate events. In the "photo" segment, light is captured and temporarily stored in energy storage molecules. During this process, water molecules are split and produce oxygen. In the "synthesis" segment, the energy in the energy storage molecules is used to build sugar molecules from carbon dioxide in the air.



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