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Uterine (menstrual) cycle - phases

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• The uterus goes through a cyclical developmental pattern to be ready for implantation and support of an embryo. • The uterine, or menstrual, cycle is under the control of ovarian horrnones. • The uterine cycle also has three phases: • Menstrual phase • Proliferative phase ...

Cleavage and Implantation Animation

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Summary of female reproductive cycle days 1-28

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■ The first five days of the cycle include the menstrual phase. ■ Progesterone and estrogen levels are low. ■ Menses occurs. ■ GnRH pulses more frequently promoting FSH and LH levels to rise. ■ Primary follicles are stimulated to develop. ■ Days five through thirteen consist o...

Embryonic development - week 1 and 2

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The first through eighth weeks after fertilization are called the embryonic. Week 1 • Within a day, the zygote begins mitotic cell division (cleavage) forming blastomeres. By the 4th day, the blastomeres have formed a solid ball called a morula. • The morula enters uterine cavity ar...

Phases of the ovarian cycle

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• The ovarian cycle is a monthly sequence of events, consisting of three phases: • Preovulatory • Ovulatory • Post ovulatory Preovulatory phase • prior to ovulation: Primary follicles develop into secondary follicles. • Follicular cells surrounding the primary oocyte In...

Hormonal regulation of pregnancy - week 1

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• During pregnancy, hormones play a significant role in triggering changes in the mother and fetus. • Ormones : • Maintain the lining of the uterus and prevent menstruation. Prepare the mammary glands for lactation. • Increase flexibility of the pubic symphysis. • Affect the mot...

Hormonal regulation of pregnancy - weeks 17 through 38

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• Estrogens increase uterine blood flow, maintaining the endometrium during pregnancy. • High levels of estrogen and progesterone inhibit the synthesis of milk. Progesterone inhibits myometrial contractions of the uterus to prevent premature birth. • Relaxin inhibits myometrial contract...

Embryonic development - Week 3

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Week 3 (gastrulation) • Three primary germ layers are formed which provide cells for organ formation in the following months. • These germ cell layers are formed by a process known as gastrulation, which involves rearranging epiblast cells. • As cells from the epiblast migrate, a fain...