Rena arc construction




• Somatic reflexes are the rapid, predictable, and automatic responses of skeletal muscle to changes in stimuli. • A reflex arc is the pathway followed by the nerve impulse producing the reflex. • Reflex arcs include: • Sensory receptor • Sensory neurons • Integrating center • Motor neuron • Effector • A monosynaptic reflex arc has a single synapse between the sensory and motor neuron. • A polysynaptic reflex arc includes one or more association neurons relaying messages to other association neurons or motor neurons. • An ipsilateral reflex is one that has the sensory neuron entering and the motor neuron exiting on the same side of the integrating center. • In contrast, a contralateral reflex arc has a sensory neuron entering on one side and motor neurons exiting on the other. • An intersegmental reflex arc has the signal of a single sensory neuron activating several motor neurons via the association neurons in several segments of the spinal cord.



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