Mendel's pea plant, Pisum sativum experimental





Date Uploaded: 07/21/2021

Tags: Mendel's pea plant   Pisum sativum experimental   carpel   cross fertilization   stamens  

Mendel chose the garden pea plant, Pisum sativum, for experimental tests of his ideas about inheritance. Under normal circumstances, the garden pea plant is self-fertilizing. This cross-section shows the gamete-forming structures. Sperm-producing pollen grains form in the stamens. Eggs develop, fertilization takes place, and seeds mature inside the carpel. In some of his experiments, Mendel brushed pollen from a plant that bred true for purple flowers onto the floral bud of a plant that bred true for white flowers. To ensure cross-fertilization, the white flower had its stamens snipped off. The cross-fertilized plants produced seeds. Each seed was allowed to grow and develop into a new plant. Mendel analyzed the flower color of each new plant as visible evidence of patterns of inheritance.



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