Homeostasis (range of body conditions, normal limits, mild stresses & severe stresses)





Date Uploaded: 12/07/2019

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Homeostasis: • Provides relative stability of the internal environment. • Results from constant adjustments. • Regulated by regulatory processes. • Requires system interplay. • Normal limits. • Temporary stresses. • Disruptions requiring medical intervention. • Disruptions incompatible with life. • Normal limits are narrow ranges on either side of the equilibrium point. • Normal limits provide guidelines for medical testing. • Internal and external stresses disrupt homeostasis. ▪ The body's regulatory systems can quickly respond and restore homeostasis when stress is mild and temporary. • Severe stress disrupts homeostasis and can cause a disease state that requires medical intervention. • If disruptions are extreme, the regulation of homeostasis may fail and death occurs.



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