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Cleavage and Implantation Animation

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✔ ✔ ✔ Ask questions here: Follow us: ▶ Facebook: ▶ Review Us: Fertilization typically takes pl...

Phases of mitosis

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Prophase is the first step in the mitotic process. During prophase, the chromosomes condense. The centrosomes begin to form a spindle and move into position on opposite sides of the cell. Sister chromatids are held together by a protein called cohesin at the centromere. Prometaphase is the sec...

Ear Animation

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The ear is generally described as having three distinct divisions, each with distinct functions: External ear Middle ear Inner ear The ear contains structures for both the sense of hearing and the sense of balance. Eighth cranial nerve: Also called the acoustic or auditory nerve. Carries...

System organization - PPM system types (Somatic, Autonomic & Enteric) and Reflex arc types

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• The PNS consists of all nervous tissue outside of the CNS. • It is divided into three functional components: • Somatic nervous system (SNS) • Autonomic nervous system (ANS) • Enteric nervous system (ENS) • The SNS consists of: • Sensory neurons from skeletal muscles ...

Neuron Structure Animation

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There are several types of neurons, three of which are: Motor neurons, Sensory neurons, Interneurons. The nervous system is usually described as having two interconnected divisions: the central nervous system (CNS) and the peripheral nervous system (PNS). CNS: Includes the brain and spinal...

Spermatogenesis Animation

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Spermatogenesis is the process by which haploid spermatozoa develop from germ cells in the seminiferous tubules of the testis. This process starts with the mitotic division of the stem cells located close to the basement membrane of the tubules. These cells are called spermatogonial stem cells. T...

hGH (protein synthesis, growth and development)

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• Increased GHRH, a hypothalamic releasing hormone stimulated by low blood glucose, physical exertion, and increased sympathetic stimulation, stimulates the production of human growth hormone (hGH) from the somatotrophic cells of the anterior pituitary. • Human growth hormone targets cartil...

Cerebral Cortex Animation

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The cerebral cortex (plural cortices), also known as the cerebral mantle, is the outer layer of neural tissue of the cerebrum of the brain, in humans and other mammals. It is separated into two cortices, by the longitudinal fissure that divides the cerebrum into the left and right cerebral hemisp...

Bone elongation - processes at the epiphyseal plate

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• Interstitial lengthening occurs in only certain bones, primarily those of the appendages. • Such lengthening takes place at the epiphyseal plate, a layer of hyaline cartilage in the metaphysis of a growing bone. 1. Zone of resting cartilage. • Consisting of a hyaline cartilage pa...