Random alignment at Metaphase I Animation




Possible outcomes of random alignment at metaphase I. In this example, three types of chromosomes are labeled 1, 2, and 3. Maternal chromosomes are dark blue; paternal ones are light blue. Suppose that at metaphase I all the maternal chromosomes became attached to one spindle pole and all the paternal chromosomes attached to the other. As meiosis continued, two types of gametes would form. However, the chromosomes could just as easily align like this. In this case, the gametes would have different combinations of maternal and paternal chromosomes. Another possibility is that the chromosomes could align like this. Again, this would give rise to gametes with two unique chromosome combinations. Finally, the chromosomes could align like this. This would produce yet another different pair of gametes. Notice with only three different chromosomes, eight combinations of maternal and paternal chromosomes are possible in the gametes.



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