Glomerubular filtrate rate -pressures that affect GFR and net filtration pressure




• The glomerular filtration rate is the amount of filtrate formed per minute within the renal corpuscle. • Once the filtrate is formed it moves down the tubule. • The production and movement of filtrate depends on three pressures: I. Glomerular blood hydrostatic pressure (GBHP) is pressure within the capillaries. GBHP is dependent on blood pressure. 2. Capsular hydrostatic pressure (CHP) is back pressure from the fluid already in the glomerular (Bowman's) capsule. 3. Blood colloidal osmotic pressure (BCOP) is the tendency of blood proteins to draw water back into blood. • The net filtration pressure (NFP) is the sum of all three pressures (GBHP, CHP, BCOP). • As blood pressure increases so does GFR. • A normal NFP insures a normal amount of glomerular filtration. Glomerular filtrate rate -GFR and blood composition • A normal GFR must be maintained to regulate the composition of body fluids.



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