Carbohydrate Metabolism: Introduction to renal processes and filtrate formation and composition




• At the nephron, the three process responsible for the formation of urine include: • Glomerular filtration. • Tubular reabsorption. • Tubular secretion. • During filtration, a filtrate is formed within the renal tubule. • Reabsorption is the conserving of water and many solutes by moving them back into the blood a stream. • Secretion involves moving unfiltered substances into filtrate. • Filtration occurs at the renal corpuscle. • Hydrostatic blood pressure moves fluid across the filtration membrane. • The membrane of the glomerular capillaries is the actual filtering structure. • The filtration membrane keeps larger elements in the bloodstream. • The filtrate consists of: • Water • Glucose • Amino acids and small proteins • Ions (K+, Cl-, H+, HCO3-, Na+) • Urea



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