Peptide Bond Formation Animation




During protein synthesis, peptide bonds link amino acids together in the order specified by DNA instructions. In this case, the first two amino acids in the protein are methionine and alanine. Here are ball-and-stick models of these amino acids. Peptide bond formation is a type of condensation reaction. During the reaction, the highlighted atoms are removed. The carbon atom in the carboxyl group of the methionine becomes linked to the nitrogen atom in the amino group of alanine. A peptide bond forms between methionine and alanine. Water forms as a by-product of the reaction. The next amino acid specified by the DNA is leucine. Again, atoms are removed and a new covalent bond forms. Another molecule of water forms as a by-product. The next amino acid is tryptophan. Another peptide bond forms and another molecule of water is released. Notice that the backbone of the forming polypeptide consists of carbon atoms with nitrogen atoms at regular intervals. The sequence of amino acids in a polypeptide chain is the primary structure of a protein. As you'll see, it gives rise to a protein's unique properties.



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